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Colonel Folder Facts:
Made of N690Co steel with an HRC of 58-60
G10 grips with a coarse texture for great retention
TOPSHIELD Military Grade coating, this is an anti-wear thermosetting single component pigmented coating containing ceramic compounds. It is used on firearms as well, it has a high resistance to wear, scratching and chemicals
Stainless Steel locking liners, push button liner lock mechanism
Fox proprietary looking mechanism for 2nd locking
Made in Italy by Fox Knives exclusively for ColonelBlades
Guns Have Evolved A Lot Over Time. So Why Haven’t Blades
Blade work is arguably the most difficult discipline to master: tough subject to tackle or change.
ColonelBlades, is focused on creating more advanced blades on which serious practitioners can build better blade skills. The design is patented*. The goal is simple: make blades that can be learned quickly and used everyday.
Are you Military and looking for the blade that will be your 3rd weapons system Are you L/E and need a blade you can confidently utilize in CQB Are you just someone looking for a knife that doesn’t require months of training.
Consider this your new blade. Your EDC blade. Your distinct AdvantEdge.

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