Esstac Triple Pistol GAP KYWI Pouch


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With a straight forward, user friendly, and intuitive design the Esstac KYWI magazine pouches are unique.  Utilizing a hybrid kydex and nylon design, you get all the rigidity you would expect from a kydex pouch, and the reduced noise from a nylon pouch.  These pouches feature Esstac’s kydex wedge insert (KYWI) that provides the needed retention to secure your magazines without the need for bungee cords or flaps, and allow for rapid access to magazines.

The Esstac Triple Pistol GAP KYWI pouch is designed for 9mm, .40 caliber, and .45 caliber double stack magazines.

The GAP pouches put a 3/8” gap between the magazines to allow for easier access and to accommodate magazines with larger base pads or extensions.

*The GAP pouches are intended for belt use only.  MOLLE won’t line up correctly due to the gap.

*Includes WTF straps for mounting (Made by Whiskey Two Four)

*Magazines not included.

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